September 28

A Thought: Conversation.

With the dependence we have on cell phones these days, we are in danger of forgetting social etiquette and that thing called “conversation.” Taking phone calls, checking text messages, answering text messages, etc while talking to someone is a bit rude, and counterproductive. Focusing upon the person, the subject of the conversation and its objective, whether social, personal, or business, is as important as it is courteous. Jesus didn’t have cell phones but had many sources for distraction, yet He always focused upon whom was before Him at the moment. Today, you have an important conversation waiting to occur. Say a prayer, focus on the desired outcome of that talk, check your tone, and turn off that phone!
God bless you as you speak!

Jn 4:1-40 Jesus gave His full attention to the woman at the well and it was life changing–“Come meet the man who knew everything about me.”

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