September 18

18A Thought: Church.

You expect me to encourage you to worship in church on Sunday because I’m a pastor. But what you may not understand is that when you’re not in church, I miss you–I really miss you. We are family, and when any are missing at the table or in the fellowship or in a virtual circle of prayer, I truly feel your absence…and so do others. That’s because you’re loved. I would imagine God feels your absence even more deeply. He loves you more than I do, and needs you to worship and be present in the fellowship, even more than I do.
So, next time you think about “skipping church,’ ask yourself what is healthier for your soul; your life: that extra hour of sleep or that needed hour with God and His other children?
Have a fantastic Sunday, all! Love you!

“I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord!” Ps.122:1

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