progress-004Several years ago when I was serving at Chapelwood United Methodist Church in Houston, the Senior Pastor, Dr. Jim Jackson, wrote a book called, “More Spiritual Lessons from Life.”  The book is a daily look at Dr. Jackson’s perspective on life.  It has been on my shelf in my office and I pulled it out just a few days ago to look at it again to see what it has been saying these last few days.  One of the days in September, it said,

“If you determine the value of who you are or what you do by the results of your effort, you doom yourself to the fear of failure.  If there is one thing life has taught me, it is that results are unpredictable.  Results have everything to do with circumstances, context, and timing – things beyond our control.  I have seen people do virtually everything right and get a negative result.  Conversely, I have seen people do almost everything wrong and get a positive result.  Go figure.  Rather than worrying about results, we should focus on progress.  If you do your best and your effort is an expression of your true self, you are a success regardless of the outcome.  We should be rewarded in our actions, not only by them.”

Just something to think about!

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