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September 30

A Thought: On this Friday, food for thought as we go through the weekend from one of my favorites, Leonard Sweet. Have a blessed weekend!

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September 29

A Thought: Get Excited! This young lady is coming to visit her Emmi and Poppa T for the whole weekend and we are excited! We’ll go down to the pond and use her little pink fishing pole; take a walk in the woods; go on a hayride; and end our weekend at church! What are you looking forward to? What […]

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September 28

A Thought: Conversation. With the dependence we have on cell phones these days, we are in danger of forgetting social etiquette and that thing called “conversation.” Taking phone calls, checking text messages, answering text messages, etc while talking to someone is a bit rude, and counterproductive. Focusing upon the person, the subject of the conversation and its objective, whether social, […]

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September 27

A Thought: Barriers. This is a picture of the fence Tony built off our gate a couple of years ago. Its function is to keep all kinds of predators off our property. Constructed with additional barbed wire, it works. Each day we construct barriers with our facial expressions, words, and/or actions which say, ” Stay away.” Perhaps, if something or […]

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September 26

A Thought: A New Day! Today holds so much promise–a fresh start; a hint of autumn; a renewed commitment for excellence. What does it hold for you? Today will hold exactly what you want it to in many ways, because of the choices you make. Today will also hold what you do not expect; cannot control; and may not be […]

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September 25

A Thought: Get the Fuel, so you can drive the car! That is all! Happy Sabbath! Jn 4:23

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