Stone Soup- August 28, 2016

Stone Soup Update from August 28 2016 Service

14183815_10211132730660529_7684041006700968994_n(Photo by Kenna Westerman)

Praise be to God.  We Thank You God for those we serve.  Please be with them today as their journeys in life, in relationship with you continue.  Please God be with them in their tomorrows too, so they may find what they need. Thank you God for those whose hearts you warm in service.  Those whose smiles, concerned words, willing hands gladly give what they can to you so you can use them for others.  We offer ourselves to you Lord for your service.  You bless us with your presence and grace.  We Love You.

Thank you to those who gave of their time to assist others yesterday at Stone Soup.  It doesn’t take Christmas for Asbury UMC to pour our your love, time, and spirt to fill a hall for God’s service.  As many of you know, just a couple of weeks ago I prayed, not fretting, but not knowing who we would have serving.  But knowing God was listening and watching and he knew how many we’d need to assist though we knew would need to be served.  In God’s hands.

God’s Hands poured out a wealth of those who needed to be served into the hall at Quapaw.  God’s hands also poured out a huge response from Asbury to be in service.  Praise be to God.

Wow.  I had fun and hope you did as well.  So many to thank and I hope you know in your hearts that I prayed in thanks for you.  Let me please just respond with some notes and feel free to spread the word through notes of your own.

Amy – We so appreciate Asbury’s Youth.  So many of them aren’t on this email list, yet we see them all the time in service.  Please pass on our thanks.

This month we added an unexpected music component as Wain & Leah picked up guitars and with voices of praise sang from the start of the Living Water Ministry to the end of service.  Yes, they took a couple of well-deserved breaks, however that was 2-hours of music.  Nothing sets the service tone and helps relax everyone than a good song.

Ben Cogbill led a great group in his supervision of the Living Water Ministry.  It is so heartwarming to see Asbury members sitting and talking one on one with those coming to be served.  With the August heat, they too were pleased to be able to come in early and sit & talk a spell.

The Kitchen was humming and quickly f u l l of volunteers.  No med kit today (for the kitchen) though.  Happy voices filled the room as knives flashed, pots stirred and dinner concocted.  With a smile, some of our regular workers were overwhelmed by the outpouring of volunteers, but with grace moved from their typical spots to advise, smile, suggest.

Our Asbury special this service was BBQ bologna & cheese sandwiches – which accompanied our normally added PBJ sandwiches.  Why does this matter?  One good example. A pregnant lady and 2-friends came into the hall.  Wouldn’t be here if not hungry.  Alas, the tuna we had for the main dish just really didn’t sound good to her.  I saw them in what I could describe as a trudge heading back out of the hall and no way had they had time to eat a bite.  Making it upstream to them we talked.  With sad eyes & rubbing her pregnant belly she said tuna would not sit well.  She’d been offered PBJ but sorry, she was allergic.  They turned for the stairs.  Wait, would a BBQ bologna sandwich sound good?  Stopped, yes she said.  Well, 4-sandwiches & 2-bananas later I can tell you eyes do smile.

You see, this is why we try to ‘bam’ up the menu.  Extra fruit, PBJ and something a little different assists in making sure everyone who comes in is able to be fed something when they come in.  So THANK YOU Asbury folks who always bring a little extra.  Guarantee that we always have comments they can’t get fresh fruit anywhere else.

It took 4 youth to match the ailing Chris’s spot in the back corner of the kitchen.  Thank you these four who stayed in place and kept up with all the dirty stuff.

Miles – you went for the record of how much PBJ you could wear.  You came close my friend,.  Sorry though, you didn’t quite get the record.

God send all ages from Asbury to work.  And work they did in praying, cooking, cleaning, fixing up the hall nice, running for water and ice, handing out fruit – love – sandwiches – talk table by table.  Passing out bottled water.  Doing big things and doing small things big.  Thank you.

Asbury’s next Stone Soup Mission is that cooler time of year – October 23rd.

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