August 26

26A Thought: Cleaning it Up!
On this Friday, I’m thinking of those who are “cleaning up.” Cleaning up projects at work or home; cleaning up deadlines; and working tirelessly cleaning up the after effects of Louisiana; “tornado alley,” and of course, Italy. Tomorrow morning we’ll be doing a bit of cleaning at our church.
We always feel a bit better when things have been cleaned up in our lives. But, how about us spiritually? What is it today in your spirit that needs a bit of a clean-up? When we decide to check-in with Christ each day, He will reveal to us where we need to clear up our tarnish and stain. When we shine a little more, Christ shines a little more through us to this world.
Have a great one!

Mt. 5:14 “You are the light of the world…”

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