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August 31

A Thought: A “Tease.” The weather forecaster just shared the weather is going to become cooler in the next seven days. Perhaps, this is a ‘tease’ of a taste of autumn to come! Everyday we are ‘teased’ by a temptation to enter into a conversation that is probably not helpful; a habit that is probably not healthy; or a task […]

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August 30

A Thought: Interruptions. I’ve been up this morning a little earlier than normal—sleep was interrupted by wakefulness! Yesterday at a funeral, a family member was speaking about the deceased and her husband interrupting one another throughout their marriage when they would tell stories–one prompting the other to get the details correct.(Tony and I have been doing that for years—must have […]

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August 29

A Thought: Back to “Normal.” Most of us appreciate a bit of a change in routine every now and then—a new challenge at work; a vacation away; a new interest or hobby, perhaps. Changes in health or workload usually are not so welcome, however. We long for ‘days past’ and ‘how things used to be.’ But, God designed us to […]

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Stone Soup- August 28, 2016

Stone Soup Update from August 28 2016 Service (Photo by Kenna Westerman) Praise be to God.  We Thank You God for those we serve.  Please be with them today as their journeys in life, in relationship with you continue.  Please God be with them in their tomorrows too, so they may find what they need. Thank you God for those […]

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August 28

A Thought: A Breakthrough. A moment ago, I saw the first peak of daylight. There is something so sacred to me about that moment. As the light breaks through the darkness, I remember Christ was given as our hope in the darkness of evil in this world, Today, I give thanks for what God is already at work doing, to […]

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August 26

A Thought: Cleaning it Up! On this Friday, I’m thinking of those who are “cleaning up.” Cleaning up projects at work or home; cleaning up deadlines; and working tirelessly cleaning up the after effects of Louisiana; “tornado alley,” and of course, Italy. Tomorrow morning we’ll be doing a bit of cleaning at our church. We always feel a bit better […]

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