Love God. Love people.

tumblr_ml9t643a2H1rj3ommo1_1280Happy Summer!

I hope everyone is enjoying this very HOT time of the year. Without a doubt the past several weeks have been painful to swallow for all of us. The violence in our culture and around the world continues to stun us to the point of feeling numb. We often have thoughts and questions circling in our heads of, Why did this happen? Where is the good? Where is God in the midst of this darkness? I am sure each of us has felt overwhelmed with finding the answers amidst the pain we are seeing and feeling ourselves. The scriptures tell us of God being in the midst of the people. Certainly Jesus did not shy away from the pain of life, but confronted it head on. Jesus teaches and models for us how we are to deal with the pain and darkness of this world. We go to God vulnerable in our prayers, expressing ourselves fully and not hiding anything going on within us—we pour ourselves out to the Holy. That prayer is to not only bring peace to our hearts as we battle the grief, but it is also motivation to prayerful action. Jesus would then offer love to those feeling hated, mercy to those with intense grief, forgiveness to those who have wronged and hurt others, and peace to those whose life is out of control.

Throughout the gospels the disciples are reprimanded time and time again for doing what Jesus asks, but ultimately they become the hands and feet of Christ after he ascends to heaven. Jesus trust they are ready. Jesus calls us to embrace that we are to do his will in this world. Jesus calls us to not only imagine the world turning into the kingdom of God, but acting with boldness to make it happen by God’s grace. We have all felt defeated at one time or another in our lives. Dust yourself off, cry out to God, and go love the people in this world.


In Christ,
Rev. Chase Green

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