July 18

18A Thought: Tweeking Reality.

So I had a great time with my family last weekend, and was taught yet ANOTHER way to be obnoxious:
BITMOJI ! As you create your own cartoon image, you choose characteristics that resemble you–shape eyes, nose, etc. I REALLY liked the fact you control how many wrinkles you add! In life, it’s harder to control reality. The shootings of citizens, police, and rolling over innocents in celebration in Nice, are extremely harsh realities we wish we could change. Maybe we can–Pray for our leadership; for our police and first responders, investigative organizations, and citizens, that they will be encouraged and strengthened by our prayers, and be led by increasing discernnent. And we can practice greater kindness and sensitivity to all.

Phil. 4 “Think upon whatever is good, kind, pure, truthful, etc…”

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