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July 31

A Thought: Today as I go to church I will pray for the church whose elderly priest was stabbed this week in cold blood. I will thank God for his life and I will pray for all who feel this life has’ cut them down. I will pray for their strength. I will pray for their faith not to waiver […]

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July 30

A Thought: Consider this table grace by Leonard Sweet. Our family prays this before meals and appreciate its thoughts. Mt.18:20″Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am also.”☕️🍽☕️

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July 29

A Thought: A Sudden Change. And just like that…you go one day from being healthy to the next, having a sinus infection(ugh!); from employed to unemployed; financially solid to financially challenged; praying for those who have cancer to personally experiencing cancer…well, you get the drift. Life comes with no warnings, guarantees; or expiration labels. So, it looks like the very […]

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July 28

A Thought: The Little Things. To clear your mind of worry, hurt, or any other troubles, focus on the joy of the little things. My day has already been blessed by coffee being brought to me in bed; hummingbirds entertaining me as they buzz in flight around the feeder; and gardenias telling me goodbye until next summer. There’s not a […]

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July 27

A Thought: Individuality. I thank God we are all created uniquely! I thank God even more when we use our uniqueness for the good of humankind. Self-absorption is as unproductive as it is unattractive. Today let us all commit to do one thing to help another human being in need. It is a great way to unify us, encourage hope […]

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July 26

A Thought: Worth Repeating. Amid all of the political opinions and rhetoric, one can become consumed to the point of ridiculous frenzy. Passion and opinions are fine as long as you are not negating or compromising your greater values of truth, empathy, and integrity. When it all shakes out, you have one vote in November, as do I. The greatest […]

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