Annual Conference

download     This year’s theme for Annual Conference was “From Revival Flows Discipleship”. In Bishop Gary Mueller’s Episcopal address he shared glory sightings of where revival has seemed to take place throughout the state of Arkansas. From missions that engaged the community, to lives that have been transformed because people shared love people who thought they were unworthy of love, it is evident that revival is taking place and that while the church may be in decline, people of faith are more in mission more than ever before to their neighborhoods.

This Annual Conference saw many anniversaries celebrated! It was the 20th anniversary of the Order of Deacons, the 60th anniversary of women gaining full clergy rights, and the 200th anniversary of Methodism in Arkansas! It was truly wonderful celebrating such pivotal milestones. Not only that, but there were 14 who were commissioned and 11 who were ordained (including my wife, Rev. Jana Green!).

Asbury was well represented by Pastor Mary and me, along with out laity, Mary Noble and Ron Paulson. May we continue to serve God faithfully through Asbury United Methodist Church by God’s grace to make disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples equipped to transform lives, communities, and the world.

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