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June 30

A Thought: When you least expect it… You’re going about your day, most likely preoccupied about something, when boom!–God shows up in the most delightful ways. Yesterday, I saw not one but TWO big fat bunny rabbits, as well as, the domesticated deer came up to me for something to eat, but snubbed the carrots I had brought for the […]

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Annual Conference

     This year’s theme for Annual Conference was “From Revival Flows Discipleship”. In Bishop Gary Mueller’s Episcopal address he shared glory sightings of where revival has seemed to take place throughout the state of Arkansas. From missions that engaged the community, to lives that have been transformed because people shared love people who thought they were unworthy of love, it […]

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June 29

A Thought: A Good Reminder. This message carries strong points for endurance in faith. Keep it handy, as worry, criticism/complaints, and frustration are so prevalent in our human behavior. But, Prayer, Gratitude, and Persistence will counter these temptations. Blessed Wednesday to you! Philippians 4:4-7. “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing…”

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June 28

A Thought: What do you believe? Are you so strong in your convictions or so vocal that people know what they are? Do you live your beliefs as much as you express them? Are you trying to influence others by them or have no agenda about them?Jesus doesn’t ask that we change our opinion of Him. He asks that we […]

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June 27

A Thought: Today. Today, give mercy to someone just as God has given mercy to you. Today, be patient as God is patient with you. Today, be courageous, as Christ was courageous in saving you and me. Today, be creative as God is creative each day in His design. And Today, move forward in faith, as God is faithful over […]

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June 26

A Thought: God is so faithful. On this Sunday morning, the world awakens with new light, dew on the grass and birds chirping, telling us God has given us a new day to live according to His purpose. May we live this day in the faithfulness of Christ and with joy in our hearts. Today, I am thankful to begin […]

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