May 6

6A Thought: Commit to Loyalty.

This week I’ve been sharing traits and pics of my mother in honor of Mother’s Day. Momma was my best friend; greatest cheerleader; and had intense love and faith in me, even when at times, I was losing faith and hope in myself. She taught me the importance of extreme commitment and loyalty, no matter the cost. So, when I experience trust broken; loyalty compromised, I bristle a bit.┬áThis pic is from my ordination as Elder in the United Methodist Church at Hot Springs. And there was Mom, even in declining health, by my side, witnessing and cheering me on–after a long journey. Who is depending on you being there for them? To whom are you passionately loyal? Is Christ among that list? Happy Friday!

Prov. 17:17 “A loyal friend loves at all times.”

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