March 15

15A Thought: It’s Getting Heated.

The weather forecaster just said it’s about to turn 90 degrees this afternoon! Gives new meaning to ‘March Madness!’ At home or on the road or in the workplace, it can become a little warm, as well. Anger is a part of human nature and is only helpful when you learn something from it. Understand anger comes from emotion triggered by a sense of injustice or personal offense. Practice personal control by processing your anger rather than allowing it to control your responses. Once words fly, you cannot retrieve them. Rare is the occasion you will actually help someone change by your words. Silence can be a teacher, as well. It doesn’t always mean ‘consent.’ It often means you have taken the higher road, and they can just reflect on the consequence of their actions, and not yours!

Have a happy, healthy Tuesday, all!

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