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March 31

A Thought: Power. There’s no electrical power in our home today due to the ferocious storm last night( Church staff you’ve been warned!). Mr. Hilliard has the generator going and we are drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, so we’ve adapted nicely. We are so dependent on electrical power, and take it for granted. Makes me think how much less […]

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Destination Mission

Did you know that any age can be in ministry?  Asbury hosted Destination Mission, Conference Children’s Mission trip, last week for the beginning of Spring Break.  We had 40 children and adults here from 6  churches from throughout Arkansas.  But what is so exciting about these children is that they are 3rd – 6th graders!  Asbury UMC had a great […]

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March 29

A Thought: Hope. Only God knows exactly why things happened as they did. Only God knows exactly how they are going to turn out. So, TRUST God. PRAY to God. Then, REST and RELAX in God. He’s got this! Gen 50:50 “You intended this for harm, but God brought good out of it.”

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March 28

A Thought: Slow Down! It’s a new week and you’ve got a plate load ahead of you in work to be done. That may urge you to quicken your pace a bit, but sometimes we make mistakes when we are simply trying to be faster. It takes time for corrections, so being faster is not always most effective. In life, […]

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March 24

A Thought: The Last Supper. On His way to His arrest, trial, and sentencing not for His sins, but of the world, Jesus taught the disciples a lesson that makes a person great: humble service to others rather than self. He washed the disciples’ feet, an act just reserved for servants, not the revered Teacher and Leader they had followed […]

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March 23

A Thought: The difference of a day. Twenty-four hours ago another beautiful place in God’s world was rocked by senseless evil. But today, the third suspect was arrested. Healing of body and souls has begun and not only a country but the world, has unified in spirit and in prayer. On a personal note, yesterday I was in the Drs […]

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