Stone Soup- February 28, 2016

Praise be to God.

As our custom, please see a few of the notes, thank you’ s, and happenings from Asbury’s Mission Service Sunday February 28th.

Asbury’s Boy Scouts joined a core group in a day of great service.  It was a pleasure to serve alongside such a group of cheerful, hardworking young men and our regular’s too!  Jim Britt, please pass along a great mission thanks to the Scouts and their leaders.

Asbury topped prior giving of volume and quality of clothes given.  To those who donated, thank you and be known that roughly 95% of the work clothes and dress clothes were taken by happy attendees.  Asbury also donated more blankets, sleeping bags, cutlery, fruit and kits – all which were most appreciated.

It was interesting that several of us noted more women served than we’d seen in a long time.  Why?  Don’t know.  We had zero children served.

We had fun in the kitchen, whipping up chicken and dressing, fruit salad, and fixins.  Thank you Chris for making an emergency onion run when we found the prepped product had gone bad.  Preston conducted an interesting culinary lesson on which types of onions to use where.  The Scouts had a special box and created brown sugar cinnamon apples for a side dish treat.

Asbury open early with our Living Water Ministry to get to know some of the folks who attended.  As the service went on I talked to one of our regulars who pulled himself up from the bottom after being let out of prison in 2005.  For 10 years he has always smiled, helping everyone with gardens around So Ma, proudly showing off to me his scuffed construction boots and talking about his new job.  Helping others and smiling every service.  Several years ago he came in on crutches after breaking a leg on the job site.  He smiled and kept on working and helping others, every time too praising God and saying he brought on his troubles himself and God’s grace was helping him come back up.  Very appreciative man who helped clean many days after Stone Soup.  He collapsed a couple of weeks ago and UAMS found blood clots on his brain.  We shared, looked over his med documents, smiled, talked of helping others and pray for him to keep pulling himself up.

In the kitchen we added Lauren (a previous Asbury confirmand) and her mom to a serving line of Scouts.  We cannot say they were the fastest serving line ever, but the dish presentation was awesome and the patrons really seemed to like what they served.  They all had enough to carry 2-plates away from the line (and thank you to the adults who helped those needing an assist to get to their seats).  Had a lot of smiles and love too.  Thank you all who kitchen served in fixing, cleaning, and making sure all went well.

136 people came in to be served God’s love and a meal.  One of our patron’s, Don, came to the window to give thanks to us.  Dressed in his dapper suit he told us he’d learned God blesses him every day.  God blesses him and everyone so many ways every single day if they would just see.  He smiled at us through the window opening and said, God gave me double blessings today.  He walked away leaving us with smiles.  A short time later he sat down at the piano.  Interesting.  A blessing.

Volunteers bagged PBJ sandwiches and handed out in the hall, along with fruit and ….. the blankets and sleeping bags … two Scout leaders had an interesting time as they hand passed out blessings to those needing, table to table.

It was a wonderful day.  Each of us full of memories and impressions, blessings and prayers.  Thank you ALL for your service.

God Bless You,

Greg Stansell


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