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February 4th

A Thought: Most everyone ‘slips’ from who they want to be in the sight of God. You have. I have. It’s called Sin—and it’s not pretty; helpful to you or others; and is hurtful to you and God. Thankfully, God created us with a heart and a conscience to enable us to feel remorse. In that, we can confess, and […]

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February 3rd

A Thought: When You’re in a ‘Funk.’ For no particular reason at all, when I got home last night, I was in a ‘funk.’ I’m perfectly healthy, love my work, my family members are all doing well…yet, there I was—‘feelin’ funky.’ Then, it happened. The phone rang that special ring tone called: FACETIME! On the other end, was Miss Laine […]

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February 2

A Thought: Awareness. We tend to focus and sometimes rush through our tasks, driving, or conversations, without being aware of what’s surrounding us. To do that, can prove discourteous, and even fatal, as data on accidents show. Today, as you step out into a new day, take on Christ and be aware of the opportunities surrounding you to do what […]

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February 1

A Thought: One of the things we take for granted every day, is the ability to breathe. Clean, fresh air is essential for human life. When we are feeling anxious, something as simple as breathing in a deep breath and exhaling slowly, is a real gift to feel a sense of calm and peace again. Whether in traffic, conflict resolution, […]

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