February 24

24A Thought: It takes the Right Combination.

This is a picture of a PinOak tree in our backyard LAST year in February, not this morning. For those who commute, this is good! But, it struck me that the right ingredients have to be in place for it to snow: temps; moisture; wind; fronts, etc
It’s the same thing to live your life joyfully instead of anxiously! To live a life of joy, you Must be willing to have faith; practice goodness/holiness; prayer; fortify yourself by absorbing the Word and surround yourself with positive and faithful people.
The choice is yours as to which way you choose to live your life. If you do not choose to combine the necessary elements of joyful living, don’t you forfeit your right to whine?

Phil .4 ” Rejoice always. Do not be anxious…”

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