February 18

12734270_10153413462561344_7655207709772581837_nA Thought: How open are you to Change?

This time of year for many, can be a time when one must prepare for change. Whether it be daylight savings time; career change; change in co-workers; health; seasons or family —change is inevitable.
How we adapt and respond to change says a lot about us. Be patient with yourself and others, taking time to process what the change means for you now and long term. But most of all, Pray for God to show you the blessings this change will bring to your life. From that perspective, you will be able to face the Change with anticipation rather than dread. May God bless you “real good” on this Thursday!

Mt. 6:34 ” Do not worry about tomorrow but seek the things of God first and everything will fall into place.

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