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Stone Soup- February 28, 2016

Praise be to God. As our custom, please see a few of the notes, thank you’ s, and happenings from Asbury’s Mission Service Sunday February 28th. Asbury’s Boy Scouts joined a core group in a day of great service.  It was a pleasure to serve alongside such a group of cheerful, hardworking young men and our regular’s too!  Jim Britt, […]

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February 29

A Thought: It’s All In Your Head. This bears sharing as we begin each day, as well as, a new week. Focus your mind on the possibilities of the day, rather than thinking in terms of its problems. Look for the solutions, not the obstacles. Rely on the wisdom available in experience and expertise; and above all, give it to […]

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February 28

A Thought: Embrace Your Sabbath. Today was set aside by God to worship Him and to rest from your week. You can do both, and God hopes you will! We’ll be continuing our series on “Lenten Revelations” with ” Come, see the man who told me everything I had ever done.” The woman at the well knew her life was […]

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February 26

A Thought: Get Happy! ( Guess who’s coming to visit!) The week is winding down, and you’re looking forward to enjoying the weekend. “Get Happy” with plans to be with someone you love; do something you love to do; worship the One who created you and loves you the most; and enjoy His Creation, if only taking a walk in […]

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February 25

A Thought: Endurance. Everyone at one time or another has, or is going through, something in silence. Maybe problems in the family; with finances; work; health; or relationships. Because we are unaware, someone being a bit ‘grouchy’ or ‘withdrawn’ may not have a thing to do with you, but simply an indicator of what they are experiencing. When we remember […]

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February 24

A Thought: It takes the Right Combination. This is a picture of a PinOak tree in our backyard LAST year in February, not this morning. For those who commute, this is good! But, it struck me that the right ingredients have to be in place for it to snow: temps; moisture; wind; fronts, etc It’s the same thing to live […]

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