January 8

A Thought: Synergy.

This is the concept of merging ideas, events, etc. building something even greater than when they were in their separate forms. The Conference of the UMC will be doing this soon, with all its preachers and churches in the state focused on the same theme of spiritual revival through the awesome aspects of God’s Love: unconditional; transformational; invitational.
In our church, this past year we combined several events a couple of times, and had greater outreach than when we had done them the same way year after year.
What is it in your life you need to practice synergy? God’s own nature is ‘synergenetic’ as God is manifested in the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! As we head into the end of this week, ask God to guide you as to how you can merge your energies, thoughts, and hopes into something beneficial for all. It may mean doing/thinking in a way different than “the way we’ve always done it before.”

Eccles.4:12″A threefold cord is not easily broken.”

Happy Friday!

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