January 12

A Thought: De-Clutter.

The New Year always nudges(pushes!) me to de-clutter our home, office, etc. It’s really therapeutic to me to say goodbye to that which once was beautiful, functional, whole, not broken. We tend to hang on to things that have gotten in that shape because of the memories we associate with them. I like having less rather than running out and replacing with more ‘stuff.’¬†All of this made me feel thankful the Lord doesn’t discard us when our sin tarnishes or stains us. He doesn’t replace us in our brokenness. In Christ’s Grace, instead He heals us! Go to God today in your ‘used’ condition—His Love will let you know you are not ‘used up,’ but rather perfect for Restoration, which the Lord will do if you just go to Him and say, ” Here I am, Lord.”

” His Grace is sufficient for you.” Phil. 4

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