Stone Soup Highlights!

IMG_0557Happy 2016 All Stone Soup Friends !!


THANK YOU for your continuing service and prayer for God’s Mission for us.  Quick -3- Part note to all of you to start the New Year.


December Mission Recap

We had a fun time in serving those who needed us this Christmas Mission, Dec. 27th.  Thank you all you smiling God filled volunteers for your love poured out to all who attended.

The weather was raw with rains (to become floods) threatening, but inside the hall was warm with God’s love and all went well in serving the 119 who came in for help.

In the kitchen Asbury’s ‘bammed’ up the meal as normal, adding two hams, fruits, and a whole lot of PBJ sandwiches to our scheduled meal of Chicken & Dressing, Fruit Salad & Desert.  (One of the volunteers even ran home and brought in special added desert – Thanks).  The great chicken debate circled on whether to serve the brown ‘chocolate’ gravy or the standard white.  Compromise ensued and we decided in typical Asbury fashion, we’ll serve Both!

The Living Water Ministry fired up quickly as we opened the doors early.  Thank you those who give of their talents to sit and talk to our patron’s prior to the meal.  There is something very special about making one on one connections.

WOW!  Asbury is a generous church but today was awesome.  The Kids/Youth blanket drive paid off big time!  Pie in the face draws folks in every time (Amy you need a new plan now to win and turn it to Laura).  The kids also put together homeless kits, + we had rain wear, and oodles and gobs of clothes, toiletries and stuff.  It worked out that we made a complete Asbury give-a-way room (plus the crowded take as you need stage) and we appreciate the volunteers who staffed it.

The hall was made up nice and drinks flowed and spills cleaned.  Our youth and ladies circled through the crowd handing out fruit and bagged sandwiches to go.

The cooking, cleaning, fixing, hugs, handshakes, and warm smiles went a long way toward many leaving God’s house with a smile themselves.   I believe that God walked along with many.  We couldn’t do better than assist where we could with that.  I Thank and Love you all.



2015 Asbury & Stone Soup Mission Overall

2015 has now come to an end.  The Stone Soup Mission overall fed right at 5,800 people in its 52 weeks of 2015.  Plus those served for Sunday Breakfast and through the Quapaw UMC Pantry for which Asbury helps with too.  Asbury in our (6) 4th Sunday’s served over 700 of those in need.  You made a difference.  Thanks be to God for all the missions, outreaches, programs, volunteers and those served where Asbury UMC Members are involved.




2016 Stone Soup Schedule

You are not only God’s hands in the Stone Soup Mission and other missions Asbury UMC is involved in.  You are also God’s voice and his nudges when you talk about Stone Soup and missions to others.  The others you touch may be within Asbury or outside our doors.  I firmly believe many times God missions to our folks and me as much as we help others by our actions.  Let others know of the opportunity to share God’s Love and feel his Grace.


2016 Dates Include:

February 28th, Asbury Scouts and Lay Volunteers

April 24th, Open

June 26th, Open

August 28th, Open

October 23rd, Open

December 25th, Christmas Day, Open

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