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January 31

A Thought: Obedience. No one likes to be told they must ‘obey.’ To obey requires three things: to submit; to humble ourselves; and to trust. In this independent age and mindset, that’s a tall order, and yet we yield to power all the time—pay taxes, follow rules at the airport, traffic laws, etc… Why then, do we feel obeying GOD, […]

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January 29

A Thought: “Wow Moments.” Yesterday our family experienced a couple of ‘wow moments.’ On my morning walk, I encountered this fox coming out of the woods! We said ‘hello,’ and then, he went on his way. He was striking, with beautiful markings. It had been ten years since I had seen one on our place. Later on, I saw him […]

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January 28

A Thought: It’s OK. You may be in a tough spot right now. The nature of ‘tough spots,’ indeed life itself, is that they do not remain long, because life changes and moves forward. You will too! So, take a deep breath as you breathe in a prayer, remembering God loves you more than anyone, and is working through this […]

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January 27

A Thought: A local TV station uses the slogan “By your side, on your side.” I believe that even more greatly describes the availability of Jesus.Look how Jesus cares: In excruciating pain and death on the cross, He saved a repentant, believing criminal. In resurrection, He served breakfast to His hungry, despondent disciples. No matter where you are or state […]

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January 26

A Thought: Struggle to Strength. Every single one of us face struggles from time to time. It’s just the nature of life because we cannot control people or situations and choices around us. But we should not give up or become complacent or disparaged because of this. Instead, we get a grip, say a prayer, and move forward doing our […]

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Lent is an Invitation

It is hard to believe Lent is almost here, but it is advancing toward us very quickly. Lent is a time of reflection, discernment, focus, and reconnecting with God in a more disciplined way. Our Ministry Fair on February 7th from 9:30-10:30 will highlight a variety of ways you might reconnect or become more disciplined in your faith life for […]

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