December 8

aaaA Thought: An Angel.

This angel sits atop our mantel and is a beautiful gift from a very special congregation I served almost 20 yrs ago. It reminds me of not only a meaningful experience and wonderful people, but it reminds me that we are to be messengers of HOPE to one another. Hope truly came alive in our time together as God’s Spirit filled a discouraged congregation to a vital transforming, disciple-making church! On this Tuesday, you can be an angel to someone, giving them a message of hope they greatly need. I have been the recipient of those angelic messages, and I have tried to offer them to others, as well. Who do you need to be an ‘angel’ to today, buoying their spirit with a message of Hope? Look around you —someone needs an ‘angel’ visit—and it’s from you!

Romans 5…and a ‘hope that does not disappoint.”

Happy Tuesday!

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