December 31

10590584_10153321838671344_5321976727155894908_nA Thought: Farewells. I’ve lived long enough to know that life has it’s “hellos” and its “good-byes.” Sometimes they happen when you expect them to; sometimes not. But, one thing is sure: The calendar doesn’t lie! Tomorrow we say ‘farewell’ to 2015. In 2015 our family said ‘hello’ to a lil newborn ‘Angel,’ Laine Austin, and 5 days later said ‘good bye’ to Tony’s mother, Wadene, as she went from an earthly ‘Angel’ to a heavenly one. And God was SO PRESENT IN BOTH of those entrances. And God will be, and has been present and at work in all the experiences of ‘hellos’ and ‘farewells’ for you, as well. Now, WHAT is it you need to say ‘Farewell’ to once and for all as 2015 draws to a close? And what do you need to say ‘hello’ to finally, now that 2016 arrives? Ask God to give you strength and discernment as you make those decisions, and remember: He is already present and waiting!
“Lo, I will be with you always.” Mt.28:28

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