December 30

10345743_10153320183946344_6080683844365856941_nA Thought: I saw this on FB the other day, and theologically ‘bristled.’ Over and over in the Bible, we read and experience God’s love. I do not believe in this God who is the essence of LOVE, as One suspended in the heavens just waiting to dole out discomfort, pain, or punishment. I do however, believe in my God who allows me to experience the consequences of my sin, and thus, I will experience the pain, suffering etc from my own doing, without blaming God. And as a person of faith in Christ, I will learn and lean on Him, growing from the experiences. As we look to this New Year, put the blame where it should go: not on God, but on self. Learn from mistakes; grow from its consequences; rise up in conviction to improve and strengthen yourself, through Christ given to you and me from God, to guide us. You see, God loves us so much that He became Human in order to show us how to live fully–LOVE fully; teach Truth, and endure the pain of our sin—a saving pain. Christ went through the ultimate ‘discomfort ‘ for us. May we be thankful–may we be better–may we be givers of that kind of unconditional love!

Gen. 50″ You meant it for harm, but God brought goodness from it.”(Joseph speaking to his brothers whom he forgave.)

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