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December 31

A Thought: Farewells. I’ve lived long enough to know that life has it’s “hellos” and its “good-byes.” Sometimes they happen when you expect them to; sometimes not. But, one thing is sure: The calendar doesn’t lie! Tomorrow we say ‘farewell’ to 2015. In 2015 our family said ‘hello’ to a lil newborn ‘Angel,’ Laine Austin, and 5 days later said […]

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December 30

A Thought: I saw this on FB the other day, and theologically ‘bristled.’ Over and over in the Bible, we read and experience God’s love. I do not believe in this God who is the essence of LOVE, as One suspended in the heavens just waiting to dole out discomfort, pain, or punishment. I do however, believe in my God […]

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December 29

A Thought: Looking toward your future. What will 2016 hold? Will something you’ve longed for in your life finally be a reality? How will that desire align with God’s will for you? God’s promise to give you the desires of the heart is not a promise to give you what you want. It’s a promise to make your desires what […]

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December 28

A Thought: This was a GREAT Christmas as we celebrated all we are thankful for in our lives: Family, Faith, Friends, and Charity for others. Mom taught me the importance of writing thank you notes to those who have taken the time to prepare a gift just for me. I have passed that on to our children. Some feel that […]

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December 24

A Thought: The Gifts of Christmas. On this Christmas Eve, may you experience moments of innocence, purity, giggles, trust, and excitement as that of a child. Seek these gifts found in your ‘inner child.’ And tonight, sleep in ‘heavenly peace.” Isaiah 11:6 “And a little child shall lead them.”

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December 23

A Thought: Beauty. On this stormy day, it is sometimes difficult to find the beauty around you. The holidays sometimes spawn a storm within, as well, of strained family interactions; or loneliness, grief or illness. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose to have an attitude of joy and beauty, surrounding yourself by that which gives […]

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