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November 30

A Thought: Doing what’s Best. Whether in work, relationships, or play, you face “decision-time” most every day. There is that moment you can no longer linger in indecision, but must take action. Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most. Discipline yourself to prayerfully make that decision. You and God make the best team possible! […]

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November 29

A Thought: Where Does Christmas Happen for You? That is the theme for our Advent series beginning today at Asbury. In the coming weeks, we will explore the places we unexpectedly discover Christ. Today we’ll look at Christmas in the Village, and realize how integral our part is in that discovery. Hope you will worship with us or wherever you […]

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November 25

A Thought: The Importance of Working Together. Last night we had our Charge Conference at Asbury. It was a time to celebrate the blessings from our efforts and God’s Grace in building up the Kingdom. I was very happy to share how our church has grown in membership, young children, youth ministries, and overall mission. In other words, we are […]

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November 24

A Thought: Blessing amidst Diversity. Last night I had the privilege of being among several Little Rock clergy leading the InterFaith Thanksgiving worship service. What a blessing it was in these trying times to feel God’s Presence in unity of spirit as hundreds were gathered at the Islam Center of Little Rock. Scriptures were both read and sung from the […]

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November 23

A Thought: Our Perspective. When I look at this picture several words come to mind– Hope; Serenity; Light; His Presence. What we see before us has everything to do with what’s in our head and heart. Today and each day, remember your heart and mind are your ‘filters’ for everything you see and do. Keep your heart compassionate and your […]

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November 22

A Thought: Be Thankful in All Circumstances. This will be the theme of the message today as I gather with the people of Christ at Asbury UMC. It’s difficult to remember to say ‘thanks’ when we’re going through hard times. But you are never alone, and these times pass, but not before you are strengthened. Therein lies the blessing from […]

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