The Colors of Fall

It is that time of the year when the leaves in the trees begin to change. Fall colors, as you know, are warm, vibrant, extraordinary, rich and lastly energetic. Do people gravitate to you because you are a warm, vibrant and inviting person?
There are many colors of leaves in the fall season and red is the first one I think about. Red leaves stick out and everyone notices them. The color red does bring up the thought of passion. We could have a little more passion for Christ no matter where we are in our Christian walk. Just like the red leaves stick out, we too should stick out in a good way and reflect the brilliance of Christ.
Orange, is a beautiful color in the fall. Orange is not only in the leaves but we see it mostly in pumpkins. This color reflects warmth, thoughtfulness and sincerity. We, as Christians, should portray those traits and be that warm inviting person that cares about others.
I think the best color of the fall is yellow. Yellow conjures joy and cheerfulness. We want others to have what we have and that is joy as Christians. If we have Christ, then we overflow with joy in our hearts and that joy should reflect out through us.
One color that comes in many shades is that of purple. As we know, purple is the color of royalty. As Christians, we are not only royal in Christ but our behavior should reflect that royalty.
Lastly, we have brown. Brown, within the other colors, would not be so brilliant. Brown shows stability and anchors all those colors of fall. Christ is our anchor. If others see we are living for Christ and depending on him then it comes out in our actions and behavior.
So, our “colors” do matter. It is important on how we act and behave before others. As you look at all the changing of the leaves, do you portray vibrancy and warmth so that people will want to get to know you and learn about Christ through you?

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