Stone Soup- October 25!

What A Fun Day!  Praise The Lord to be able to help and to be able to help alongside such good people!


As custom – here are some notes on the Mission.  Please if you worked and know one of your co-workers isn’t on the email list – Say THANK YOU.

Asbury served 130 people in both our Living Water Ministry and Stone Soup.  23 Asbury Volunteers Served (including visitors).

BIG Thanks to Amy and the Youth Group.  Many on the youth just kept up with the “Now What Mr. Greg” all afternoon long.  Couldn’t help but smile every time they asked or I saw one of the youth jumping in with a broom, dust pan, or just down on their knees picking up a spill without being asked.  God and parents….Asbury, really has some good young adults.

This was spill day.  Each service has it’s ‘things’.  It was spill time in the hall.

We were wondering if the weather would lower the crowds. NOPE, not at all.  In fact in opening for the Living Water Ministry we quickly had more people coming inside earlier than normal.  This gave Linda and four of our youth ‘ministers’ plenty of time to converse and try to connect.

Once the team got the base fixins done, this time we shifted to pre-making and bagging -2- PBJ sandwiches per Ziploc.  Fixin 50 bags or 100 sandwiches to give out takes a while.  So not only did we serve a 2-plate meal at the window, we had sandwiches to pass out through the crowd as take home for those who wanted.  PLUS, thanks to a lot of fruit and candy, we had volunteers passing out fruit throughout the hall and the “Candy Lady” was a big hit.

Thank you youth for your Cole Slaw donation which gave us an extra side item and those who ran to the store to purchase many bags of chips and the dressing needed for the salad.

Leah – your impromptu youth band was a hit.  THANK YOU and …. The singing was interesting from the backup band.

We ran out of food on the line, and while the 100 premade PBJ’s were a lot, Thank you for those who jumped in and kept making PBJ to hand out at the window till all resources were used up.  What, another 50+ sandwiches?  There are so many things I saw, didn’t see, of good works.  You know in your hearts treasures of what you saw, did and felt.

God’s work within Asbury’s Team is impressive.  I am amazed with the energy, love, compassion, and those things indescribable I witness each time Asbury serves.

Asbury’s Next Service……..drum roll……….  DECEMBER 27th, Christmas Weekend. 

 (and folks are whispering in my ear that they would like to do big things for others through Asbury at our Christmas Service.  Know what, I think God would like that if we serve 1 or many!) 

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