October 27

A Thought: An Observation.

On my commute home last night, it was raining…a lot. People were driving slower even though, like me, they just wanted to go home and relax. What they were doing can only be interpreted as being safe and smart. But it was something else: It was kindness. When you are careful, it affects others for the better, which is the kind thing to do. On the same day, as I was in a parking lot of a store to get something for our staff meeting, another fella’ came barreling in reverse, seemingly not to notice me or this other lady behind him walking. All I could do is shout “Woe!” At the top of my lungs–there were others in his path, frozen, stunned. He finally stopped. We made our way forward quickly, and he did it again and others were more aware of his erratic driving. I guess that’s life: You’re going to run into those who are careless with life, and you’re going to run into those who are careful with life. Let’s make sure You and I are on the side of careful, maybe influencing others to do the same! Have a careful and joyful Tuesday!

Ps. 46:10″Be still and know I am God.”

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