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October 30

A Thought: Halloween has never been a time for glorifying evil, but shooing those evil spirits away, in preparation for lifting up the Saints of God on Nov. 1. So have fun this weekend; be safe; and watch for the kiddos! I’ll hope to see many of you on Sunday as we lift up praise to God for the saints […]

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October 29

A Thought: I just went outside to be greeted by a super bright ‘star.’ It was so brilliant it appeared almost as a moon. My astronomy enthusiast husband informed me it was Venus. I had never seen it ‘stand out’ like that before. Today, is an opportunity for you and me to ‘stand out’ and be a bright light to someone–giving […]

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October 28

A Thought: Subject to Change. To my surprise, this gardenia was blooming in my yard Monday. Gardenias generally bloom in June and bloom through the next few weeks before it gets too hot. The warm temperatures of late, confused the plant and some of its branches re-budded. A very nice surprise! Sometimes what feels like complete and utter nonsense and […]

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October 27

A Thought: An Observation. On my commute home last night, it was raining…a lot. People were driving slower even though, like me, they just wanted to go home and relax. What they were doing can only be interpreted as being safe and smart. But it was something else: It was kindness. When you are careful, it affects others for the […]

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Stone Soup- October 25!

What A Fun Day!  Praise The Lord to be able to help and to be able to help alongside such good people!   As custom – here are some notes on the Mission.  Please if you worked and know one of your co-workers isn’t on the email list – Say THANK YOU. Asbury served 130 people in both our Living […]

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October 26

A Thought: Falling Leaves. As plants grow, they shed older leaves and grow new ones. This is important because the leaves become damaged over time by insects, disease and weather. In addition, deciduous trees, like maples, oaks and elms, shed all their leaves in the fall in preparation for winter.  In our faith, we need to do the same. Daily […]

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