September 9

A Thought: Moments of Grace.

Yesterday I was given two much-needed moments of grace. The first was given in a hospital parking garage in a tight parking space next to a concrete wall. It occurred to me if I could move forward rather than try to back up in numerous attempts to leave, it would be much easier. Of course, just as I decided that course of action, a man pulled in. I told him, “Excuse me sir, you may be in a terrible hurry, but would you mind moving forward so I could drive through–I’m in a really tight parking spot.” He said, ” For you, I will.” (Maybe my clergy badge helped?) I waved my thanks as I left, going to the next hospital to visit. The second time occurred as I was getting on to I-630 on my evening commute. The light was yellow going onto 630. The car in front of me didn’t go through it as quickly as I anticipated they would, and as I followed it turned red. Ready to act on their green light, first in line of traffic, was a policeman. He honked his siren a short alert to let me know he was not pleased—but he didn’t pull me over!
Moments of Grace—who and how will you extend grace to today?

John 1:16 – “And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace.”


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