September 24

A Thought: A Bit of humor.

In honor of my daughters, I offer AND remember the following: You might be a preacher’s kid if you–1)Snacked on the communion bread following the service; 2) You’re pretty sure”Don’t run up/down the aisle” is the 11th commandment; 3) You know the difference between the Narthex, Chancel, Lectern and Pulpit; 4) You got extra generous trick-or-treat handouts from church members’ houses, and knew WHICH ones were the best; 5) You heard constantly the word ‘behave!’ while you’re on church premises; 6) You realized you became quite the artist during all those sermons you “illustrated” on bulletins and offering envelopes with pew pencils; 7) You loved Christmas even more for all the extra sweets and gifts which poured in from church members JUST BECAUSE you were the “preacher’s kids!” May your day be filled with fond and humorous memories which ‘lighten’ your perspective—Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Prob.17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine.”

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