Fall Classes!

Study is so important to the Christian life. We can always learn more, gain insight we had not considered before, or be challenged in a way that might help us live a better life of faith. When Jesus would tell stories, he did it mostly as a way to teach others new ways of understanding God, to expand their view of God, and to break open their boxes they had placed God in. I invite you to participate in a study this fall. Challenge yourself to be committed throughout by making it a priority. When we enter into adulthood, we often do not have anyone reinforcing and motivating us to stay committed in growing as a disciple as we did when we were kids, and perhaps our parents were that voice pushing us. However, as people of faith we are to be there for each other, encourage one another, and trust each other enough to say, “Why not take another step in discipleship”. I hope that the class you will attend will help you grow in your faith and walk with Christ. Please click on the link provided below to see classes that we are offering this fall.


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