August Stone Soup!

Thank you everyone who gave of themselves to work Asbury’s Stone Soup Mission Service August 23rd.


Outside it was not as Hot and Steamy as I predicted, in fact for an August day in Arkansas is was really kind of nice…..outside.  Normally when you step into Quapaw and head down the stairs you get a little cooler as you go.  Well, not really the case this service.  My prediction should have been hot and steamy inside and would have been right on the bell.  May have been a touch cooler outside than in.  Glad they installed ceiling fans a couple of years ago.  No AC running.  Yes, we did have fans running too in the kitchen.


Hydrate people, hydrate.


I learn lessons every time we do Stone Soup, still.  God always comes through, always has, always will.  The volunteers who come out in force from Asbury continue to make me smile and amaze me.  We can’t say the young, middle or old worked.  We can say that all who felt God gave them a mission Sunday and listened showed up and everyone had a heart filled with the spirit and jumped right in wherever whatever a task there may be.  We completed all basic tasks 45 minutes early before opening.  While we were not shooting for any records, just getting ur done, it is a testimony to hands and hearts jumping fully into every task.


Thank you to Rusty, Rev. Mary, Josh & Kenna for your spirit in faith to assist in the Living Water Ministry.  You never can tell when your simple acts of kindness can make a lasting impact.


If ever a service where we needed an extra plate or bowl, this would probably be it.  For those of you who can see it, exhibit A picture below > our plate design which had to take in account the ridges of the plate so we could hold our brownie desert and a slice of watermelon.  This was the 1st time ever I felt the need to note positions on a plate – so I could figure it out.  GREAT JOB servers in sticking to the plan & making it all fit!



For the 1st time ever we also had a salad dressing lady!  Kenna stood outside at the window as they picked up and asked if they would like dressing and poured to order.


Thank you to the fast walkers who grabbed (4) extra bags of ice (and we used it all).  Thanks to those who brought fruits for use to serve on the line and to hand out all through the hall.


This service early on, a team started making PBJ sandwiches for serving in the line, plus they zip locked 2-per-bag sandwiches we could give out to go.  They make a lot of sandwiches.  We ran out.  In mid service we started the sandwich line up again and made sandwiches till all the bread was gone.  Quapaw had 8 loaves, I had brought 4 loaves.  By the web, there were 24 slices to the loaf, or using all the ends they made 144 PBJ sandwiches.


To those who sliced, chopped, stirred, washed dishes, smiled, filled cups, set and cleaned tables, laughed, ministered, sweated, served, set flowers, mopped, said God Bless You and spread PBJ….. Thank YOU for your service.


Someone even had their iTunes going and played “Foreigner’s” Urgent in the Kitchen as the 2nd round of PBJ was being slung.  Have to play a guessing game on who (not me).


It was a most excellent service.  Praise the Lord.  We served a final 118 on the afternoon.  I saw a lot of contented smiles on folks as they left the hall.  On our servers too.


God Bless You,

Greg Stansell


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