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August 31

A Thought: Start Off Your Week Being Organized! This past winter, because our closets were such a mess, Tony put in organized closet systems. They have actually stayed organized, months later. Here’s just a peek at a portion of his efforts. With work, school, church, friends’ and family activities, it decreases stress to be more organized at home. You REALLY […]

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August Stone Soup!

Thank you everyone who gave of themselves to work Asbury’s Stone Soup Mission Service August 23rd.   Outside it was not as Hot and Steamy as I predicted, in fact for an August day in Arkansas is was really kind of nice…..outside.  Normally when you step into Quapaw and head down the stairs you get a little cooler as you […]

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August 30

A Thought: Reverence. Have we lost a bit of our reverence? I may come across conservative, but I like to hold my Bible and flip through its pages, rather than using an app( although I’m thankful that is available!); I don’t place anything else on top of it; I don’t allow coffee cups, etc on the altar. But, when I […]

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August 27

A Thought: Time Passing. Yesterday I had the joy to minister to a family I grew up with, but had not seen for decades. Time passes for us all, but deep affection rooted in Christian love and respect , does not change with time. Who do you know from years past that might like to hear from you today? Believe […]

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August 26

A Thought: Empathetic Witness. It’s not enough to BELIEVE the Gospel–we must LIVE the Gospel. Remember a time when you were given extreme compassion? Remember how grateful you were? To whom should you be giving compassion to today? How/when will you be empathetic today? That one moment, that one gesture, could make a world of difference to someone. BE the […]

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August 25

A Thought: Working Together. Whether at work or with family or friends, it’s not only more productive, but more stimulating and fun to work as a team to get something accomplished. I enjoy hearing creative approaches and ideas and am thankful to reflect on fresh perspectives. Then, asking the Holy Spirit to be a part of the conversation, guiding us […]

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