Shared Giving at Asbury!

Pop Quiz Time! When you give to Asbury, you help accomplish which of the following:

  1. Pay for the administrative costs of the church
  2. Make it possible for a child with muscular dystrophy to experience summer camp
  3. Fight one of the worst diseases of our time
  4. Empower kids from one of the world’s most dangerous cities to attend a safe, Christian school

Answer: All of the above. Sorry…trick question.

Do you ever wonder what happens to the money you give to Asbury? Where does it go? What does it pay for? A portion of the money helps pay administrative expenses required to operate the church building and staff. Having served on both the finance and SPR committees, I can tell you that the church budget runs pretty lean! But part of your giving goes beyond the walls of Asbury and supports some amazing ministries! Some of the money helps support ministries in Central Arkansas, like Camp Aldersgate, a very unique camp where children and youth with medical, physical and developmental needs can enjoy amazing camp experiences. Our giving also supports institutions of higher learning, including Philander Smith College and Hendrix College (Go Warriors!). Your dollars travel outside the state, too, to help fund ministries like the Lydia Patterson Institute, a very special school in El Paso, Texas, where kids from a dangerous city across the border can get a great education in a safe, Christian environment. Your dollars also travel outside of the U.S., as they support the World Service Fund, which focuses on ministering to the poor, fighting diseases like malaria, planting new churches and develop new Christian leaders.

Pretty amazing, right? Unfortunately, Asbury is behind in its giving to these ministries, which are part of our shared giving or apportionments. The good news is that we have five months left in 2015 to reach 100% of our shared giving goal. There are two ways we are going to help raise these additional funds, and we’re going to have fun doing it!

1)      “Change for Change”. We will announce this program on Sunday, August 9. We will ask the congregation, including members, visitors and kids, to drop their extra change in designated containers. The money we raise will go directly to our shared giving goal that includes the ministries mentioned above.

2)      “Hog on the Hill” – Sunday, Oct. 11, from 4p – 7p at Asbury. This event will combine a BBQ cook off, dessert bake off, live music, Fall Festival, the Pumpkin Patch, and a silent auction. Trust me friends…you DO NOT want to miss this event!

Stay tuned for more on “Change for Change” and “Hog on the Hill”. Finally, thank you for giving to Asbury. Remember, your giving is changing lives and changing the world!

In order to donate now to Asbury UMC and our shared giving campaign using PayPal, click on the button below!

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