June Stone Soup Report!

Asbury Friends in Christ,

 THANK YOU for our wonderful volunteers and those God led to visit us last Sunday, June 28th.  Please see some of the ‘goings on’ and ‘happenings’ from our service and please say THANK YOU to those who worked not on our email list and let others know God’s work was good around the church.

Lou Teeter was with us in spirit even if she thought it was better not to work this Sunday.  Lou sent us all a nice note and she is healing well after her spill last Stone Soup service.  As I’ve mentioned to several people, Lou’s experience had me carry a pack with a medical kit plus I kept repeating “TIME TO HYDRATE” till I think I was getting some rolled eyes.

Asbury’s volunteers amaze me and motivate me to be better than I am.  We had several volunteers this service who jumped in way ahead of their comfort zone to do things maybe not done regularly.  No complaints, no worries, just jumped in where needed with trust that God would keep their heads above the surface.  God did and they did better than well.  Thank you.

Medical Kit.  In all these years this was my 1st time to carry a kit.  Glad God had me do so since only a little way into chopping, a volunteer had a knife slip.  A messy little wound we worked on, bound, gloved and he jumped right back in the game.  We’ll be checking to see if had to be looked at further.  Think I’ll keep carrying the kit.

Asbury’s Living Water Ministry went on while we cooked.  I’ll admit, I am not as good at this ministry as some of our regulars who couldn’t make it and it made me appreciate them even more.

Wow we chopped, mixed, and cooked a spread.  A two-plater.  Thanks to coaching by Missy and others on the team, we modified how to serve the tuna and the patrons reported it to be a lot better than their last serving.  Pasta salad, potato chips, brownies and the world famous (at least between Main and Louisiana famous) Asbury Chips (zucchini) were served and gobbled up by all.

The drink and hall crew ran to keep up with the demand for tea, ice, water & milk.  It was quite a warm day.

THANK YOU for the generous donation of bananas, oranges, apples and carrots.  We passed out fruit all during the service table to table and folks were highly appreciative of all the fruit.  Volunteers also made up a large number of PBJ sandwiches and bagged them by 2’s before the meal started so we could handle their needs.  So thankful for you folks doing this before we served, since we had just enough folks to do God’s work this Sunday.

THANK YOU again for your laughs, smiles, cooking, mopping, chopping, pouring, loving and hard work.  We appreciate Adithya and Jeshwin who as youth asked to serve with us and formed our mighty 11.

It was a wonderful service in mission and all 128 we served seemed to like it.  Praise and Thanks to God for working through us.

God Bless You! 

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