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June 3

A Thought: The Morning After. After a celebration or a day of something important accomplished or completed, take time to linger in the joy, yet let that joy move you forward as fuel to help assist you into the next project or plan. When Christ was transfigured on the mountain, Peter wanted to linger and commemorate the experience by building […]

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June 2

A Thought: Birthdays. A day to reflect and be thankful for your life, your purpose, your blessings, and the choices you are making to share in this world. Here’s my way of saying ‘Thank you, God—You’re awesome!

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June 1

A Thought: Problem Solving. As sure as we breathe, problems come along. So the challenge seems to be in not only solving the problem, but doing so while maintaining your integrity and peace. It’s not trite or ultra religious, but it’s true: examine the truth of Christ—what He taught; How He would have approached a problem. Forget the miracles, and […]

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