June 21

A Thought: Your Father.

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day can be difficult, as well as, very special. For some, this will be the first Father’s Day without their Dad. For others, it will be their first AS a Dad. For others, they are too far away to be with them, so a phone call will have to do; yet, still others, the “Dad Thing” was not always pleasant, so holding a good memory is essential to feeling thankful.In my family, it almost reads like the beginning of a joke: “Once there was a preacher, a businessman, a lawyer, and a Southern gentleman…” I never knew my grandfathers, except through the portrait of stories my parents told me about them, but it seems they were both pretty incredible. And my husband, Tony, possesses the best qualities of my Dad: Tall, funny, musical, good in business, and loves to sing in choir and theatre productions. So, today thank God, the Father, for the ‘men in your life!’ Celebrate the blessings God has given you through them!

Luke 15:11 “Once there was a father with two sons…”

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