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June 30

A Thought: Just Do It. We realize we need to do or say something, but we’re hesitant. We don’t want to hurt feelings, seem too aggressive, or insensitive. Before acting, do two things: Assess your motives—are you doing it for self or for the good of the whole; Secondly, immerse the situation in prayer. Then, follow the Spirit’s lead in […]

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June 29

A Thought: Try This. After a week of change by the Court and tragedy in Charleston, and many opinions and negativity, try this: focus on the blessings and positive aspects in your life. Every morning is a perfect time to wake up and say, “Thank you, Lord, for…”and begin your day with a grateful heart. Oh, and number 10 is […]

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June 24

A Thought: Caution. In the heat of the day OR the situation, practice caution–be smart. When driving, discern which is more important: to be perfectly on time, or to be patient and cautious in traffic. When working on a project, whether deciding the most effective result; way to communicate its impact; or utilizing tools to complete it, practice caution. To […]

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June 23

A Thought: Energy. Some days you wonder how in the world you’re going to gather the energy to start all over again to face another day. What energizes you? Coffee is good, but that obviously doesn’t replenish the core of your empty energy reservoir. What will help? Try these: 1) Focus on the bigger goal with belief and conviction you […]

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June 22

A Thought: Grace. It’s just a fact people are going to disappoint you from time to time. People are flawed—that includes you and me. Because we are all in this together, we need to practice a bit of grace each day. That doesn’t mean you have to accept poor performance or behavior; rude comments; lack of understanding, etc… It does […]

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June 21

A Thought: Your Father. Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day can be difficult, as well as, very special. For some, this will be the first Father’s Day without their Dad. For others, it will be their first AS a Dad. For others, they are too far away to be with them, so a phone call will have to do; yet, still others, […]

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