May 18

A Thought: Silence.

Silence can be a gift. Sometimes, it means something is not being said, although justified, is better left unsaid. Other times, it is the neglectful state of not saying what should be said. Silence can also be a signal of mourning; reflection; or control of emotion. Yesterday afternoon, I confess, the silence was broken. The tears and words flowed—I had a week of experiencing the highest of highs( our first grandchild born) and the lowest of lows( the death of our final parent/precious one). I did my best to be what both my daughter and husband needed—they were both so grateful. I officiated and participated in giving a final tribute for a true saint. At church yesterday, thanks to my fabulous staff, Tony and I were able to stand side by side and worship all morning—a rare luxury for us. That was a healing balm. So, in the silence this morning, I thank God for the gift of quiet, the emotional release of tears, the man who calls me his ‘rock,’ the precious hugs of daughters and son-in-law, the quiet smiles of newborn life, and the dear soul, who has departed to experience the ‘new creation. In this day, how will you find the silence you need? In this day, when will you break the silence that needs to be broken?

Ps.46:1 ” God is my rock, a very help in time of trouble.”

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