Stone Soup Recap- April 26, 2015

Good morning Stone Soup Friends in Christ.  Per our tradition please see the following recap of Sunday’s Mission.  But 1st….

Prayer Request:   Please be in prayer this morning for Lou Teeter, her family and the Doctors and Nurses working with her.  Lou took a fall at the end of the serving yesterday and fractured her hip.  Today she will undergo surgery at St. Vincent.  Please be in prayer today for God’s servant.

While I find it hard to be smiles today, I know that Lou and God would want me, us, to be.  Asbury performed an admirable service yesterday at Stone Soup.  A ministry testimony for God which included a lot of smiles and laughs, a little sweat and hard work, a lot of listening to stories from our patrons uplifting and sad.


My, what a surprise (good) for me to roll in at 1:20 and find busy busy Asbury volunteers already making the kitchen buzz.  We had a wonderful mix of new volunteers working alongside long time core, all filled with God’s love.  We even had a second time visitor to Asbury, Jay McDaniel, hear about Stone Soup during church service and God directed his heart to come and work.  To say we got off to a fast start is an understatement.  Clicking, working well together.

Linda had Chris jump in with her for the Living Water Ministry and our service began rolling for those who can in need.  They handed out ice water and love in sitting down with and just talking with all those coming in to line up and eat.  Thank you for this huge part of Asbury’s ministry.

Asbury had sent clothes (huge gift from one family + some from other), toiletries (much appreciated), plastic ware, and a box of glasses (inspired thoughtfulness Missy).  The gift of sight was a wonderful gift for several people.

The hall became ready with drinks and fans.  Everyone jumped in and made it so ready……this does not happen often…..we had extra time.  Uh, like a ½ hour.  So we put the time to good use and prepared.

Chicken & Dressing was the theme of the day, with fruit salad, oranges, and Chase ‘The Desert King’ Cake.  Now, to say Chase can sling cake is an understatement.  Chocolate sir?  Lemon Ma’am?  And the counter looked like the battle of the icing when he finished.  Anyone ever notice the desert person takes up the most room on the serving line?

The servers dished it out, the drink folks rushed merrily around, and everyone else buzzed in the ballet of handing, seating, cleaning, running, and sweating.

This service we did something differently.  Missy led the charge of pre-making bagged PBJ sandwiches as the cooking was going on.  Then switched to making baking sheets full of PBJ as the serving line progressed.  We started a cart through the crowd with sandwiches, and a lot of fresh fruit.  Gobbled up in part and sandwiches for their dinner & lunch today.

When the unfortunate event occurred, we had just a touch of fruit salad left and the cleaning had begun.  THANK YOU all who comforted and assessed Lou.  THANK YOU all who quickly determined all of us could not crowd around her and that our patrons still needed service and hall needed cleaning.  The hall mostly knew.  Was calm.  As it was determined that help needed to be called, several patrons pitched in to help clean, and several came to the kitchen window and offered thanks and prayer.

Our thanks do extend to the first responders, fire & MEMs for their prompt response and care.

113 Served.

God Bless You,

Greg Stansell

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