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April 30

A Thought: The Value of Life. One chooses to protest with vandalism and abuse. Another cries out under near massive rubble, five days in complete darkness, and is saved. Life is so precious. We can be a part of the daily chaos or a part of a daily miracle. How will you regard life today–how will you allow God to […]

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April 29

A Thought: Results. We evaluate our lives often and wonder if we are making any ‘headway.’ We live each day with expectations of what we will reap. Instead, look this day— each day, with the mindset of what you are sowing. The reaping/results will follow! Gal.6:7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall […]

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April 28

A Thought: Coping with Injustice. Watching the news of the violence in Baltimore is extremely sad and disheartening. While the deaths of unarmed citizens is also disheartening, there are laws and consequences which will be carried out to deal with the tragic loss. To react to injustice with violence is an injustice which victimizes a city and nation, not once, […]

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3rd Annual Walk for the Waiting!

This Saturday, May 2, at War Memorial Stadium, we have an opportunity to support the over 4,000 children in Arkansas’ foster care system There are 1200 children waiting for a foster family and 500 waiting for an adoptive family. On Saturday The CALL, Immerse Arkansas, and Project Zero join forces for the same end result…ZERO kids waiting!!      Saturday […]

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April 27

A Thought: Believe, simply Believe! There was a father who was at his ‘rope’s end,’ concerning his son’s horrible illness. He approached Jesus and asked, “Please sir, if you can, heal my beloved son.” Jesus said, “IF I can? Everything is possible for those who believe.” The father responded, ” I believe–God, help my unbelief!” Whatever has you filled with […]

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Stone Soup Recap- April 26, 2015

Good morning Stone Soup Friends in Christ.  Per our tradition please see the following recap of Sunday’s Mission.  But 1st…. Prayer Request:   Please be in prayer this morning for Lou Teeter, her family and the Doctors and Nurses working with her.  Lou took a fall at the end of the serving yesterday and fractured her hip.  Today she will undergo […]

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