Stewardship– More than Money!

steward ship“Stewart Shipp”– Asbury’s foremost expert on giving! 

What does the word “stewardship” mean to you? What comes to mind? Stewardship is often associated with giving in the church. Yes, the money that we give to the church is a part of stewardship, but there’s a bigger picture to consider. To serve as a steward means to be a caretaker, but not an owner. Stewards of medieval times were responsible for castles, land or even whole kingdoms until the king returned. In the same way, we are stewards of God’s gifts. The Bible tells us, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” – 1 Peter 4:10. Think of all the resources we have access to: money, time, transportation, clothing, food, a place to live, a network of friends, and our families. Now consider your personal strengths and passions, like creativity, music, sports, humor, organization, leadership, teaching, writing, cooking and specialized skills (design, mechanical, analytical, computer programming). These resources, natural abilities and passions are in fact gifts – gifts from God. We are the stewards – caretakers of these talents and resources. How will we use them to glorify God? Now I want to issue a challenge to you. Find a blank piece of paper or open up a blank Word document. Write down three things that you “own” that could be shared or used to help someone in some way. Now write down two things that you either really love doing or that you are really quite good at. Now write down two or three ways you could use your things, your talents and your passions to serve God. There are many ways to put your talents and resources to use at Asbury! There’s ALWAYS an opportunity to serve: in the nursery, with the youth, driving people to church, in the choir, in the praise band, playing hand bells, teaching a Sunday School class, with VBS, with the card ministry and in many other ways. You can even create your own ministry (the Asbury Card Ministry was started by someone who was passionate about making greeting cards) or help finance a ministry need in the church. It’s exciting to think of how following God’s call to be good stewards of our gifts to serve others can bring others to Christ and glory to God! What are you waiting for?

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