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March 31

A Thought: TRUST. Everything in life evolves around Trust. Relationships, automobiles, co-workers, community and its personnel, are just among the few entities we place our trust in everyday. Our greatest benefit will be when we place our trust FIRST in God. Begin each day with a prayer and your trust in God who loves you and wants what is best. […]

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March 30

A Thought: Be Practical. People show affirmation in different ways: Some show it through words; others do so through prayers; still, others show their care through hugs or “pats on the back.” When it comes to our need or that of others, sometimes we simply need action —help. Even Jesus needed help—that’s why He called for the jars and water to […]

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March 29

A Thought: Truth. We say ‘What is true for others may not be true for you.” That kind of statement refers to Experience. Pilate asked Jesus, ” What is Truth?” He asked it because he had not experienced the TRUTH which is Christ. Today, we will explore truth which is life-changing: Knowing Christ.” The truth which can set you free!” Have […]

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March 27

A Thought: “Take care.” This is the way I end most of my calls and correspondence. It is my hope that each day we all practice care and receive care. So, be careful out there and have a beautiful weekend! Ephesians 5:15 “Be very careful, then, how you live–not as unwise but as wise.”

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March 26

A Thought: Miracles. In the cynicism of the news of the day, we can forget God is still in the miracle business. A woman today lived to tell her story from a gunshot wound to the head from an enraged driver; an adventurous climber was rescued from a fall; a tornado touched down in a town with no fatalities. Every […]

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March 25

A Thought: A Change of scenery. Sometimes, a little thing like getting up from your desk and walking outside for just a moment, can change your perspective or mood. Everywhere you turn, there are blessings within God’s creation just waiting for you to discover them. So get up and get moving, if even for just a bit, and take in […]

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