The Lenten Season

Lent is upon us. With Lent being here, so is a new chance of growing in discipleship and into a closer relationship with God. Many years ago lent was not near as important to the life of faith as it is now. It has caught on to be a very important component of the year of faith for a Christian. Lent is practiced in many denominations, and some denominations who have frowned upon Lent for a long time, are now seeing value in it. Where is the value? The value is found as we walk with Jesus to the cross. The value is also found in the desire for us to change into the people God has called us to. Either we take up something meaningful that adds to our faith life, renounce a habit or action in our life for that time period that robs our full attention of God, or both, there is value in the commitment.  Many decide to give up sodas or desserts, and while those are certainly worthwhile goals to have and may be important to practice, we must not forget the focus is to be on Jesus. We give up the negative stuff, so we can declare from within that the one I am truly dependant on is Christ. We take up the spiritual disciplines to help place Christ at the center of our life. May you find what you have been missing in your faith journey this Lenten season. May you experience what it means to rely fully on Jesus and what a difference that makes. May you have a blessed Lenten season!

Below are important dates to keep in mind for the Lenten season here at Asbury.

Ash Wednesday service: Wednesday, February 18th @ 6:30pm in the Sanctuary

Confirmation Sunday/Palm Sunday: Sunday, March 29th

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