February Stone Soup Visit!

Stone Soup Mission Friends,

THANK YOU ALL who braved the iffy Sunday afternoon to assist those in need at Stone Soup.  We felt your prayers and we hope all of those we served felt our prayers to God for their health and safety Sunday and so far this week through the rough weather.

Asbury has served when blistering hot and like Sunday….when cold, wet, and sleeting.  Both extremes really bring home the strain some folks have in just living their daily lives.  Please continue in prayer for those we serve and the mission we’ve joined.

We opened the doors to the Living Water (Hot Chocolate) Ministry this time as soon as we arrived.  The donation of hot chocolate mix was quite an inspired gift and much appreciated by those we served.  It is amazing what this simple ministry of listening and caring can do in the lives of others and we so appreciate Linda and the other volunteers who jump in to one-on-one serve.  (Ask Ellis and Danny what their thoughts were when you see them).

Chicken & Dressing fixin was fun for all of us.  We welcomed the assist of Asbury’s five youth from the confirmation class and their mentors to help and they baked up their special brown sugar cinnamon apples for all to enjoy.

Our confirmands are a special bunch.  From my simple side of Sunday’s work, it was so nice to have them step up like the adults they will soon be, handling every task requested of them with smiles and vigor.

Just before 3 and start of serving, one of the men came up and thanked me and gave me a big hug.  ‘You are wet’, I said with some surprise.  We were in hopes the weather would hold off till all could get home.  But indeed, many of the 92 we served were already wet when serving started.  We tried our best to fill their souls with God’s warmth and their tummy’s with good food.  In the middle of service, Laura headed up the rush PBJ sandwich station and the volunteers went through (8) loaves of bread so we could give sandwiches then and bag up (2) each for those who needed them for later.  We didn’t push or rush anyone to get out but were still out the door a little after 4 PM…..into the sleet.

Thank you those who ministered, smiled, laughed, set up, cooked, served food and drink, cleaned and represented God & Asbury well.

To my 1st paragraph, it was my prayer and know others too, as the last few patrons walked or biked off into the sleet and wind, we prayed that God’s warmth and safety would stay with them in this, their time of need.

– Greg Stansell

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